Tragedy is a fundamental genre in the modern film industry and has been used to enhance feelings of viewers across the globe. Despite tragedy being a vital genre in modern texts, it is tragedy’s influence from historic figures, such as Aristotle, that have shaped what it looks like today. One of Aristotle’s 6 conventions of […]

Knowledge of the Aristotelian tragic hero reveals much about Shakespeare’s intentions in the tragedy King Lear. “Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer In Shakespeare’s play, King Lear, it is made apparent that Lear himself is an Aristotelian tragic hero. The statement “Knowledge of the Aristotelian tragic hero reveals much about Shakespeare’s intentions in the […]

Should Debating Be Compulsory in NZ Secondary Schools   From Monday to Friday, the totality of students are forced to learn something that will be completely irrelevant for the rest of their lives. Whether its how to find the point of intersection between a hyperbola and a parabola, or that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse […]

The Rich Get Richer By Jake Nicholson   The rich get richer. You can feel the slim beam of golden light which flows over the lining of the clouds above. Warmth seeping into your skin, through your pores, soaking you through to the bone. Rows of buildings, as high as the eye can reach, tower over […]

Hi Jake, Here are the papers we were discussing. Let’s get together again and work on developing an introduction to both that fully encompasses the question.

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